Beer Je T’aime

La France is, without a doubt, a wine country. But this big ol’ American likes beer, and I was curious if there were any good French beers to be found. During my weeks in the Rhone-Alpes region, almost all the beer I found was imported from Belgium, with very few French varieties.

I stopped in Paris for a few days at the end of my time in France, and I met up with a Parisian friend that I had made months ago, at the Warsaw Beer Festival (further proving my belief that beer brings people together). He showed me what I had been looking for: a French craft beer bar.

“La Fine Mousse” has made the news not only for focusing on French beer, but also for copying something normally reserved for French wines: beer-food pairings. With 150 beers avaliable, and friendly “bièreologues” to help you choose, there is no shortage of options.

I drank only the French beers on tap, trying to select a diverse range. The bar had a distinct vibe, with black and white and wood details, making me think of
hipster bars back home. Though some of the beers were underwhelming, others were quite good, and it was fun to see an unexpected scene like this in Paris.

There is a young craft beer scene in France, even if it is hidden by the sheer mass of wine culture. Paris, as they say, will always surprise you.



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